Elderlaw is able to assist with legal issues and advice
in the wide ranging areas of Elder Law including:

  • Retirement village agreements;
  • Nursing home, hostel and home care agreements;
  • Challenging wills;
  • Advance medical directives;
  • Powers of attorney;
  • Guardianship appointments;
  • Liability claims and defences;
  • Disputes concerning capacity to make decisions
    and sign documents;

Special purpose wills including:

  • Protective trusts for disabled beneficiaries;
  • Trusts for at risk beneficiaries (insolvency, family
    conflict, vulnerable through drug, alcohol & gambling habit);
  • Education trusts for grandchildren;
  • Tax advantaged trusts for young adult children and
    grandchildren with young families;
  • Family agreements for special accommodation
    such as ‘granny flats’ and similar arrangements

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